Playing with exuberant shapes found in nature, the symbolism and the elegance of geometric lines as well as the brilliance of colour, we have given new life to the GINORI Totem collection adding our Quranic calligraphy “Fabi Ayyi Ala i Rabbikuma Tukazziban”

Crafting moments of love and luxury

Gestures of affection take on a tangible form. Elevating moments for your special someone is an art and Keepsakes by Zantiana will achieve it with sentiment and elegance.

* Gourmet dates
* Marble box
* Set of 4 coasters
* Tasbih
* 2 printed ceramic mugs
* Special prayer book
* Ramadan Kareem card
* Gift bag

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Size : 17.5″ × 11.5″ × 4″


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